The Real World Web

Secure, Safe, Powerful, and transformative.

The Physical Web represents a key technology to democratically drive a convergence of the digital and physical worlds.


The Physical Web represents the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. It is a transformative technology, enabling a decentralized, open source, and public interests safeguarding while protecting our consumer privacy.

The mission of the association is for the Physical Web to be an open standard that will eventually be built into the OS of every smartphone and tablet.



We are a growing group of individuals and companies (including software developers, hardware manufacturers, content creators and enthusiastic tinkerers) that hold the belief in a universal and open approach to location-based engagement that serve both consumers, society, and commercial interests in a better way.

By combining our efforts and by collaborating actively, we can shape the public interest and create a clear vision for adoption of location services that are open and focus on privacy.

The Association is established with the aim to represent, change, and empower the technology use cases to provide higher value for consumers.


The Physical Web Association (PHWA) will create, promote, educate, and supply value to the PHWA members and the average consumer through activities that assist the development of technologies and services. It will serve to protect the rights of its members and to centralize the common interests in the process of utilizing the respective member services.


As a member, you support the creation of a consumer-focused movement.

Additionally, you are driving the direction of the next version of the Physical Web while solving the problems related to spam. You are also advancing the native adoption of the Physical Web across browsers, apps and operating systems that run on different devices.

As a business member, you benefit from commercial relationships between all the members and partners. You can share in development resources, find project funding and get access to wider media exposure.

Become a Member of the PHWA

Our Core Principles and Mission


To drive the adoption of the Physical Web.


To serve the public good through this decentralized, location-based technology that adds value for the consumer.


To protect the rights and investments of the members in the process of financing their common interests in a centralized way.

Our Core Efforts

Native App Kit

Development of a common Physical Web Native App Integration Kit you can easily add to extend the functionality of existing apps.

This will result in higher adoption growth rates of the Physical Web utility functions and will help the maintenance of other extended content types within the ecosystems of native apps.

Brand-Neutral Application

Development of a Physical Web Browser App that serves as your company’s brand-neutral application for iOS and eventually Android.

The key idea is to have a universal application and standard for browsing the physical web that is actively promoted while not being associated with a single company. 

Metadata Service

The Association will host and run a metadata service to display quality data as part of a scanned event. The service will be provided in accordance with the privacy protection initiatives of the Association.

We will also extend the service to synchronize with the universal Physical Web clients.