While there is no shortage of physical web browsers out in the wild, we have completed our long overdue step of releasing the universal, non-company branded, Physical Web client for Android.

This is important to us because it took far longer than desired but ultimately has the impact of being the uniform and reliable experience that consumers, enthusiasts, and businesses can depend on.

Following this release, we will begin to update and debug the underlying components. An important stabilization phase to improve the core quality.

As this task progresses, we will begin to introduce the first wave of a promotion concept (consumer awareness) and prepare the feature roadmap into a membership voting process.

We celebrate the community that has been patient and faithful. In particular, this progress has been pushed forward by several diligent members of the association and we expect a small uptick in support due to this 1st step.

“Don’t call it a comeback, ‘ve have been here for years.”

Download here or from the header of this website.