Become a Member of the Physical Web Association (PHWA)

Becoming a member of the PHWA is easy.

Just select a membership plan below. Plans start from $200 a year, allowing you to enter commercial partnerships and enabling you to preview technology as it is available for deployment. You can join the PHWA as an individual or a company.

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Selected benefits for members:


Drive the direction of the next version of the Physical Web.


Advance the native adoption of the Physical Web.


Benefit from commercial relationships between our members and partners.


Take advantage of shared development resources.


Find project funding and get access to advertising and media exposure.

The Physical Web Association (PHWA) is a non-profit entity whose primary goal is to advance further the adoption of the Physical Web and the community around it.
The Association derives its resources from: (a) fees and contributions provided by the full members and associate members; (b) donations, grants, and other payments; (c) its assets.

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